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Current Issue - Volume 14 :: Nr.1 :: July 2018



Lúcia Simões Costa & Camilo Valverde


Returning to the old job after a work-related accident: dossier presentation

Marianne Lacomblez & Augusto Rogério Leitão

Empirical Research

Back-to-work paths after an accident: facing new obstacles

Cláudia Pereira, Marta Santos & Liliana Cunha

Thesis Summary

The ergology approach to reach a different assessment of the social work

Ingrid Fouchecourt-Dromard

Historical Texts

A return to Gilbert Simondon and to his initial work

Jacques Leplat

Historical Texts

On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects: Introduction

Gilbert Simondon

The Dictionary

X, as X-ray

Adelaide Nascimento

The Dictionary

What is watt? History of a measure

François Vatin