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Volume 14 :: Nr.2 :: December 2018



Carole Baudin & Patricio Nusshold


Digitalization and the Evolution of Real Work: Introduction

Carole Baudin & Patricio Nusshold

Empirical Research

Professions from the services sector and digitalization: implications and guidelines for the design of training programs

Deli Salini, Juana Sarmiento Jaramillo, Annie Goudeaux & Germain Poizat

Critical And Topical Reviews

A critical literature review of fatalities in gas and oil industry

Hilka Guida, Élida Azevedo Hennington & Marcelo Figueiredo

Historical Texts

Understanding the design activity and its development

Annie Weill-Fassina

The Dictionary

Y: Generation "Y"

Antoine Duarte

The Dictionary

Zone of proximal development and vocational training

Pablo Granovsky