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Volume XII :: Nr.2 :: December 2016



Cecilia de la Garza & Mario Poy

Critical And Topical Reviews

Pesticide Contamination and use of PPE: analyzing legal aspects and design

Luiz Antonio Meirelles, Marcelo Motta Veiga & Francisco Duarte

Empirical Research

The thermal discomfort caused by personal protective equipment (PPE) used while spraying pesticides

Marcelo Motta Veiga, Ronaldo Almeida & Francisco Duarte

Could You Repeat That?

Personal protective equipment: getting the right fit for women

Aída Ponce Del Castillo

Historical Texts

The work: a conduct

Régis Ouvrier-Bonnaz & Annie Weill-Fassina

Historical Texts

For a historical psychology

Ignace Meyerson

The Dictionary

The Swiss cheese model (an unknown old)

Diego Turjanski

The Dictionary

(About) organisational Resilience

Jorge Walter