Volume XII :: Nr.1 :: July 2016



Liliana Cunha


The personal protective equipment (PPE): protective, but not always

Francisco Duarte, Laurence Théry & Carolina Ullilen

Empirical Research

Prescription and use of PPE in activities exposed to carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) chemicals: multidisciplinary research-action in a French factory of wood panels for furniture

Fabienne Goutille, Louis Galey, Clémence Rambaud, Pierrick Pasquereau, José Marçal Jackson Filho & Alain Garrigou

Research Instruments

Efficiency analysis of protective equipment for pesticides used in public health

Marcelo Motta Veiga & Carlos Frederico Campelo de Albuquerque e Melo

Empirical Research

Difficulties and limitations of protective gloves used in the manual cutting of sugarcane

Maria Cristina Gonzaga & Cristiane Queiroz Barbeiro Lima

Historical Texts

Maurice Reuchlin and the dialectics lab / field

Jacques Leplat

The Dictionary

(About) Laziness

Suzana Albornoz