Volume XI :: Nr.1 :: July 2015



Marianne Lacomblez


Ways of life and work: presentation of the dossier

Mary Yale Neves, Hélder Muniz, Maristela Botelho França & Cláudia Osório

Critical And Topical Reviews

Reflexions on the methodology of the activity clinic: dialogue and creation in the work environment

Alice Paiva Souto, Karla Maria Neves Memória Lima & Claudia Osorio da Silva

Research Instruments

Health, gender and labor in public schools: potentialities and challenges of an experience with “Extended Research and Intervention Community"

Mary Yale Neves, Hélder Pordeus Muniz, Edil Ferreira da Silva, Joana Dar´k Costa, Jussara Brito & Milton Athayde

Empirical Research

The ingredients of hotel managers’ competence

Edil Ferreira da Silva, Anísio José da Silva Araújo, Francinaldo do Monte Pinto, Paulo César Zambroni-de-Souza, Euda Kaliani Gomes Teixeira Rocha & Thaís Augusta Cunha de Oliveira Máximo

Historical Texts

Community research on the safety in mines and in the steel industry (1962-1966)

Communauté Européenne du charbon et de l’Acier (CECA)

The Dictionary


Raoni Rocha

Tribute to Alain Kerguelen

Catherine Delgoulet & Béatrice Barthe

The Dictionary


Catherine Teiger