Article included in edition Volume 14 :: Nr.1 :: July 2018

Empirical Research

The injured at work and the right to reparation: the institutional contacts and the experiences and interactions

Vanessa Rodrigues1
(1) Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Via Panorâmica Edgar Cardoso, 4150 564 Porto

The present paper seeks to highlight the institutional dimension of the analysis that was developed within the research project "Return to Work after an Accident: Overcoming Obstacles", promoted by the Associação Nacional de Deficientes Sinistrados no Trabalho (ANDST). Combining the cross-reading of legal and administrative documents, legal doctrine, data from a survey by questionnaire, and the testimonies collected through interviews and compiled on journey maps, this paper tries to analytically reconstruct the main moments that constitute a post-sinister path. Thereto it describes the contacts in the institutional approach to reparation, and articulates it with the representations of the victims about their personal cases and the obstacles they have faced.

Keywords Accidents at work; Post-accident pathways; Legal repair; Contacts with Institutions.