Article included in edition Volume XII :: Nr.2 :: December 2016

Empirical Research

Managing Change in Organizations: effects on activity and people

Carlos Díaz Canepa1
(1) Departamento de Psicología, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile,
Capitán Ignacio Carrera Pinto 1045 Ñuñoa, CP 7800284, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Organizations tend to create and hold routines that make their work predictable. Changes in organizations often introduce unexpected effects, increasing uncertainty and operational casuistry, affecting people and their activity. The literature on organizational change favors the analysis of factors underlying the change processes, including the role of purposive activity of members of the organization (agency), however, it shortly adresses the effects these changes generate about the specific activity of organizational change. Relevant topics are discussed regarding change processes, and effects they entail on people and their performed activities.

Keywords organizations, activity, change, change management.