Article included in edition Volume XII :: Nr.2 :: December 2016

Archaeology Of Knowledge

The relevance of the Italian workers’ model in the struggle for health at work today

Laurent Vogel1
(1) Unité ´Conditions de travail, santé et sécurité´
European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)
Bd du Roi Albert II, 5
1210 Brussels, Belgium

The “Italian workers’ model” refers to a set of practices and analyses that has deeply modified the traditional approach to occupational health and safety from the beginning of the 1960s onwards. While it was originated by workers’ mobilizations in large corporations, the experience also put into question the different specialized disciplines which intervene in health and safety at work. If the world of work has deeply changed, some crucial elements of the Italian workers’ model allow us to tackle today’s challenges in occupational health and safety. A critical balance also helps to identify some limitations or neglected dimensions.

Keywords history of health and safety at work, workers’ participation, trade unions, class struggle.